How to order

How to make an order?


1.Choose the country you are in

Using the drop-down menu, browse suggested countries. When you find the country you are in, click on it and continue forward with the button

2.From the page that will load then you can:

2.1) to completely configure your product;

2.2) to search for an already configured product (if you know its name) with the help of the search engine;

2.3) to change the values of already configured and ordered products.

2.1) To configure your own product, click on the button

From the next page that loads, you must choose the product you want to configure. 

From the next page, select the product configuration parameters. After selecting the desired values, click the button to continue to the cart.

2.2) In case you know the name or code of an already configured product that you want to order or change according to your requirements, you can search for it in the search engine. Once you find it, click the button  to proceed to the configuration page.

From it you can change the product parameters according to your requirements. After selecting the desired values, click on the button  to continue to the cart.

2.3) Below the search engine you can find already configured products. You can change the configuration of one of them by clicking on the button  to proceed to the configuration page.

After choosing the values you want, click the button  to continue to the cart.

3.       Finalize your order in the shopping cart

After adding products to your cart you need to click the button , to be redirected to your shopping cart page . In it you have the ability to view the list of selected products, along with the parameters configured by you, to change the quantity, or to remove one or more products. From the button you can go back to the configuration page and change the parameters of your product. You can also pre-order in the cart 3D a model of the configured model, as well as download a catalogue.

4.Enter delivery and order details

Once you have selected your products, fill in your delivery details and your billing information (in case you want an invoice).

5.       Choose a payment method

You can choose a bank transfer payment, PayPal or Debit / Credit Card. Depending on the preferred way, you will receive additional instructions if necessary.

6.       Complete your order

To complete the order of the products you have configured, click the ""Finish Order"" button after reading the Terms of Use, Return Right Information, and the GDPR.